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Message me or tag a post with “lxoxvxe” ♥ *i’m so so so so sorry if i don’t follow you i seriously love your blog but i can’t see anything i can reblog :/ after that sometimes I feel so guilty that days/weeks later I follow so don’t give up pls*

 -Tell me, what do you think about my blog / advice?

I think that if you like your blog that’s all you need, you don’t have to change it because of my opinion, that’s why I don’t like to do it but I can try (i’ll answer privately).

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  •  I changed styles (if you are a different style but you were following me and still do it when I changed I won’t unfollow you) –Do you understand what I mean?-
  • I follow a lot of blogs and I need to do an unfollow spree, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like your blog!
  • Maybe it was an accident so message me to check out your blog again!

-How many followers?

More than I deserve! Thank you all I love you ♥

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Ofc! Just submit me the link and I’ll publish it after I’ve voted/liked the post

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You can message me the link of the post or tag it with ‘lxoxvxe’ and I’ll probably do it! (there are more chances if it’s my style or any of my othe blogs)

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Thanks ♥ I always follow back in pollyvore but for instagram message me your username for a follow back!(they're in my 'social tab)

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I made all my banners! / My cursor is from TWCursors

about me (basics)

Name: Elsa / Age: 16 / Birthday: October 19th 1997 / Sex: Female/ Location: Spain / Height: 1.56 m / Horoscope: Libra
random facts (some of them are from questions you've asked before)

  • I like being weird
  • I have no friends and I never leave my house
  • I’m not a supermodel
  • I’m sooooo bad at choosing! Like srsly try to ask me something and my answer will be ‘omg idk’
  • My whole life is an embarrassing moment I’m trying to live with
  • Every action has consequences so take time to think about what you are doing
  • The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited is Asturias, Spain
  • Some people say I look like a koala
  • I like cats but I love dogs so they win
  • Where I live, if I look to the left there’s a beach and if I look to the right there’re mountains. I don’t like insects but I also don’t like the sand… do you see my problem?
  • My favourite colour is green but you’ve noticed that I also like pink&blue a lot
  • I’ve got problems with my anxiety so i’d appreciate if you entertaing me so i don’t end up crying on the floor
  • I like listen to music while doing puzzles or drawing cause why not
  • I listen to almost every type of music but some of my faves (right now) are: Arctic Monkeys, Years & Years, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille, Cage The Elephant, Phoenix, The Neighbourhood, Avicii, Alt-J, Imagine Dragons, The Wanted, Lana del Rey, The Fray, Calvin Harris, One Republic, The Script, Bruno Mars and loads more…
  • I watch a lot of tv shows like ParksAndRecreations,American Horror Story, TeenWolf, Orange Is The New Black, Reign, Arrow, MyMadFatDiary, TheVampireDiaries, PrettyLittleLiars, TheCarrieDiaries, TheOriginals,+Lots of korean dramas, Psych, OnceUponATime, NewGirl, Skins, Veronica Mars, Puberty Blues and loads more… (i miss Scrubs so much)
  • If you had 3 wishes, what would they be (not more wishes)?
    1. I want a mint gum that’ll take the pain away and the bad thoughts from the person who chew it.
    2. I want a tattoo on my wrist of a play, stop and rewind button, they’ll work if I press them. Then if I ever feel bad about something I’ll be able to stop the time and think, then I can press ‘play’ and continue when I’m ready for it and if I ever need to rewind but never to change something, just to see/feel something again. It doesn’t have a button to advance the time, because the future is a surprise, a mystery.
    3. I want a book that will write itself my life. Every time that I open it I’ll read my life like it’s a story that someone else wrote.


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    "If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives" -Lemony Snicket
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